How Have You Treated Jesus

Did you know that how you treat a follower of Jesus is how you treat Jesus?!? Jesus talks about it in the passage where on judgment day all nations will be gathered to him and he will start separating the people into two groups as you would sheep from the goats.
Matthew 25



The Bible says do not worry, but WHY????? In this video I answer that question using the instructions Jesus gave with the sermon on the mount. If you want to know why you shouldn’t worry watch this video
Matthew 6

Devotion: Undignified Worship

David was a worshiper like not other. And in this story we talk about today he was worshiping with all his might! But not everyone approved of David’s worship to God! The Lord wants us to worship him with all our strength and might. When is the last time you worship the Lord undignified?
2 Samuel 6

Devotoin: Pleasing Man Over God

When God tells you to do one thing but people tell you to do the opposite. What are you going to do? Please man and get instant gratification or please God and know that His opinion is the only one that matters. King Saul chose to please man over God and because of it the lost the kingdom
1 Samuel 15