Devotion: Above and Beyond

David went above and beyond his promise to Jonathan, Saul’s son. He kept his promise, did it above and beyond, and to a person that didn’t deserve it. Everything that David did in that situation is a true reflection of the way God interacts with us. Do you see He is a promise keeper, more than we could even imagine, and even when we don’t deserve it.
2 Samuel 9


Devotion: Man Can’t Take Away Your Promise

When God makes you a promise no man can take it away from you. It doesn’t matter if he is in position God promised you or with the person God said you were going to marry or what ever. If God made a promise he will fulfill it. David understood this very well. God anointed him as king over all Israel. So even when King Saul was king for a very long time and Saul’s family appointed his son as king David didn’t declare war or retaliate. He waited patiently for the Lord to act. 2 Samuel 2

Devotion: Seeing Every Promise From God Come to Pass

On Joshua’s death bed he proclaimed “We have seen every single promise from God come to pass.” I know on my death bed I want to say that.
When God gives you a promise you need to ask Him this question . . . Check out the video to find out.
Joshua 23

The Story of God Promising and Providing a House

In this video I share my story of when God promised a house to my husband and I.  The journey it took to get to the promise.  How I almost bailed from God’s promise. And then how the Lord provided in the most amazing way.

May this encourage you not only to wait on the promises that God has for you but to spend time with the Lord daily to receive Direction, Instruction, and Correction.