When People Mistreat you

What do you need to do when someone mistreats you? Lie, steal, cheat, talk behind your back! In this video I answer that question



Is it okay to worry about things? If you have worries what should you do with them. Those are the questions I answer in this video today about worrying and praying!
Philippians 4

Spiritual Warfare

When I first gave my life to the Lord I did not believe in Spiritual Warfare at all that included demons and angels. It wasn’t until I got to the mission field and came face to face with Spiritual attacks that I finally believed. God brought me to the book of Daniel to show me that Spiritual Warfare is real and I was in the middle of a battle
Daniel 10

Devotion: Put It On Their Heart

God was burdening Nehemiah’s heart to help his people Judah. But it was such a God size task he knew he couldn’t do it alone so Nehemiah asked the Lord to put it on his boss’s King Artaxerxes heart to help him with the task. I have prayed this prayer for years and I have seen God come through more times than I can even count. When God gives us a giant task we can totally pray for God to put it on people’s heart to help.
Nehemiah 1