Purification through Obedience

God does an amazing thing when we obey Him. There are so many benefits to obeying God in this video I talk about 2 of them!


Devotion: Strange Orders

I have found that God isn’t usually logical or rational with things He asks us to do. For Joshua and the Israelites He asked them to walk around the wall of Jericho for 7 days to start a battle. Now that if is not Strange Orders I don’t know what is. The Lord wants to partner with you in doing things: He will give you the easy job while he takes the hard job. And the only thing you need to do is obey his orders.
Joshua 6

Devotion: Your Obedience Will Encourage Spectators

We don’t always realize that when we are obedient to the Lord that it not only affects the people God sends us to but those who are watching and hearing the stories of God’s movement in our lives. In this devotion we come from the story of when Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law heard all that the Lord had done for His people through Moses and how it affected his view of God Almighty.