Devotion: God’s Heart for the Poor

God has such a heart for the poor that it insults Him when we are unkind to those in need and He is Honored when we help those who are in lack. In this video I also talk about tangible ways we can help those in need
Proverbs 14


Devotion: Following God’s Ways

David told his son Solomon to follow God’s ways it and would go well for him. God’s decrees, commands, instructions, etc. So how does that look like for us today being that there is now grace, free salvation, Jesus dying on the cross and so on? I’m glad you asked!
1 Kings 2

Love Your Neighbor

Love Your Neighbor is no joke and it is not easy.  God calls us to a high standard of loving others as ourselves. But God wouldn’t ask us to do anything he doesn’t do.  God loves everyone including those that hate him and want nothing to do with him and He expects the same thing out of us. Even when people treat us bad, hate us, or speak ill of us we are still supposed to love and respect them.

This video is all about Loving your neighbor: who your neighbor is and what that looks like.