Devotion: Taking Out the Leader

The enemy hates the move of God and will stop at nothing to cease what the Lord is doing through people. The enemies of the Jews hated the wall of Jerusalem being built. The first tried to stop the group from rebuilding and when that didn’t work they went after Nehemiah the leader. If they could take out Nehemiah surely they could stop the wall from being built. Satan is the same way. He hates the move of God and if he can’t stop it as a whole he will go after those who are leading the charge
Nehemiah 6


Devotion: Dispersing Responsibilities

If you are alive you are going to have responsibilities and they can pile up on you. If you do not delegate them out then you will eventually burn out! Moses looked like he was on the path of burn out until his Father-In-Law Jethro gave me some very good advice that we can all use.
Exodus 18