Devotion: Listening to the Older Generation

It’s so important that the younger generation listens to the older generation. There would be a lot less mistakes made if the advice of the older wiser generation was heeded. Rehoboam, Solomon’s son made a big mistake by not listening to the older generation and ended up with with a portion of the kingdom instead of the whole kingdom.
2 Chronicles 10


Devotion: Sinning But Only So Far

It when you know you shouldn’t sin so you only do it a little bit or only in a certain area but honor God in other areas. Solomon knew he should not have married foreign wives but he did it any way. Solomon did have his limits and convictions so he was sinning but only so far.
2 Chronicles 8

Devotion: Motivation For Wisdom

God wants us to ask for wisdom but it is not just for us or to make us look good it is for everyone in our circle of influence. Solomon heart was to govern God’s people correctly. He knew that he couldn’t treat the people of Israel any sort of way so when opportunity came knocking he asked God for wisdom!
1 Kings 3