Devotion: Signs of the Times

God wants to speak to us about the future so we know how to make the right decisions when the time comes. It was spoken about David over and over again that he would anointed king. Not everyone recognized when the time came but a couple of groups did. One of those groups being the tribe of Issachar all because they recognized the signs of the times.
1 Chronicles 12


Devotion: Showing Respect No Matter What

In our day and time we say, “If they want my respect they have to earn it!” But that is not God’s ways or how He rolls. David was THE perfect example of how to show respect even when someone (Leader, person, relative) in your life is horrible.
1 Samuel 26

Devotion: Appearance Isn’t Everything

To man your appearance is everything but to God your heart is what matters to him. When God send the Prophet Samuel to anoint the next king Samuel was looking at the outward appearance and assuming God wanted them as king. But God looked at the heart and chose a man after God’s own heart instead.
1 Samuel 16