Devotion: Trusting in Numbers

Trusting in Numbers is when we trust in things or people more than God. David wanted to do a census of his fighting men instead of trusting God who had given him numerous victorious on the battle field. God longs for us to trust him over anything this world can offer and at the end of the day he is more trust worthy than anything we could put our trust in.
1 Chronicles 21


Devotion: Ask God for Advice

King David made it a habit through out his life to ask God for advice. And the Lord wants us to do the same. God is all knowing and he is so generous when we ask for advice, wisdom, counsel, etc. 1 Chronicles 14

Devotion: Signs of the Times

God wants to speak to us about the future so we know how to make the right decisions when the time comes. It was spoken about David over and over again that he would anointed king. Not everyone recognized when the time came but a couple of groups did. One of those groups being the tribe of Issachar all because they recognized the signs of the times.
1 Chronicles 12

Devotion: Motivation For Wisdom

God wants us to ask for wisdom but it is not just for us or to make us look good it is for everyone in our circle of influence. Solomon heart was to govern God’s people correctly. He knew that he couldn’t treat the people of Israel any sort of way so when opportunity came knocking he asked God for wisdom!
1 Kings 3

Devotion: The Danger to Not Confronting Problems

There are pretty big dangers to not confronting when there is a problem. Whether confronting family members, your own children, co-workers, friends, etc. When you don’t you are more communicating that it is okay and things can spiral out into even more problems.
David was a pretty great guy but the biggest issue he had was not confronting his children when they did wrong and because of it more and more problems happened.
2 Samuel 13

Devotion: Above and Beyond

David went above and beyond his promise to Jonathan, Saul’s son. He kept his promise, did it above and beyond, and to a person that didn’t deserve it. Everything that David did in that situation is a true reflection of the way God interacts with us. Do you see He is a promise keeper, more than we could even imagine, and even when we don’t deserve it.
2 Samuel 9

Devotion: Undignified Worship

David was a worshiper like not other. And in this story we talk about today he was worshiping with all his might! But not everyone approved of David’s worship to God! The Lord wants us to worship him with all our strength and might. When is the last time you worship the Lord undignified?
2 Samuel 6

Devotion: Consequences

We could be doing almost everything with the right heart and zeal to the Lord. Going to church, tithing, reading our word to learn more about God and his ways but then there is that one thing that we know we shouldn’t do but we are doing any way and that can bring about horrible consequences. King David and Israel was bring the Ark of the Covenants to the City of David with all their heart and might to the Lord yet they weren’t transferring the Ark in the way God had told Israel to do so and because of it there were horrible consequences
2 Samuel 6

Devotion: Man Can’t Take Away Your Promise

When God makes you a promise no man can take it away from you. It doesn’t matter if he is in position God promised you or with the person God said you were going to marry or what ever. If God made a promise he will fulfill it. David understood this very well. God anointed him as king over all Israel. So even when King Saul was king for a very long time and Saul’s family appointed his son as king David didn’t declare war or retaliate. He waited patiently for the Lord to act. 2 Samuel 2

Devotion: Showing Respect No Matter What

In our day and time we say, “If they want my respect they have to earn it!” But that is not God’s ways or how He rolls. David was THE perfect example of how to show respect even when someone (Leader, person, relative) in your life is horrible.
1 Samuel 26