Devotion: God Will Send Encouragement

In our darkest hour in our hardest trials God will send encouragement to help us keep going. David was going through a hard time but the Lord used a Benjaminite named Amanai who spoke words of encouragement to David
1 Chronicles 12


Devotion: Problems When you Don’t Discipline

Devotion: Problems When You Don’t Discipline
Through out the Bible it takes about disciplining your children and when you don’t there will be problems. King David never ever disciplined one of his sons and because he didn’t there were consequences. Discipline is Love. And God loves us enough to discipline us and He can teach us how to discipline our own children.
1 Kings 1

Devotion: The Danger to Not Confronting Problems

There are pretty big dangers to not confronting when there is a problem. Whether confronting family members, your own children, co-workers, friends, etc. When you don’t you are more communicating that it is okay and things can spiral out into even more problems.
David was a pretty great guy but the biggest issue he had was not confronting his children when they did wrong and because of it more and more problems happened.
2 Samuel 13

Devotion: How to Hear God’s Voice

The number 1 question I get asked is How Do I hear from God? How do you hear God speak? In this video I talk about the 8 different ways God can communicate and a little tip at the end to be able to recognize it more and more

Daily Devotion: Grace Period

When you choose to sin even though you know God says not to and the Bible says not to but you do any ways there is a time after that that I like to call the Grace Period. The Grace Period is a short amount of time where God wants you to repent, wants you to make things right, wants you to confess your sin but when that time runs out there will be a rebuke, discipline, and maybe even consequences. When King David slept with Bathsheba another man’s wife God gave him 9 months to a year to repent and make things right but instead David kept getting deeper and deeper into his sin until God finally stepped in and rebuked him as well as having a couple consequences.
2 Samuel 11

Devotion: Undignified Worship

David was a worshiper like not other. And in this story we talk about today he was worshiping with all his might! But not everyone approved of David’s worship to God! The Lord wants us to worship him with all our strength and might. When is the last time you worship the Lord undignified?
2 Samuel 6

Devotion: Consequences

We could be doing almost everything with the right heart and zeal to the Lord. Going to church, tithing, reading our word to learn more about God and his ways but then there is that one thing that we know we shouldn’t do but we are doing any way and that can bring about horrible consequences. King David and Israel was bring the Ark of the Covenants to the City of David with all their heart and might to the Lord yet they weren’t transferring the Ark in the way God had told Israel to do so and because of it there were horrible consequences
2 Samuel 6

Devotion: Appearance Isn’t Everything

To man your appearance is everything but to God your heart is what matters to him. When God send the Prophet Samuel to anoint the next king Samuel was looking at the outward appearance and assuming God wanted them as king. But God looked at the heart and chose a man after God’s own heart instead.
1 Samuel 16

Devotion: Trusting Your Godly Leader

Just as Jonathan’s armor bearer said to him, “I am with you heart and soul” God wants us to trust our leaders enough to follow them. Some times there are too many people wanting to lead and not enough followers. God wants us to be able to follow those godly leaders he has placed in our lives.
1 Samuel 14

Devotion: Wanting Something Too Much

If we want something too much that even when God says no to keep asking and knocking on His door then the Lord can give in even though it is not good for us. Israel demanded a king and even though God said it was the worst idea ever they still wanted it and the Lord gave in. It is so much better to set aside our wants and desires and replace it with what God wants for us and our lives.
1 Samuel 8