Hiding Garbage from God

Sometimes we have such garbage crap dirt in our lives that we try to hide it from the whole world including God. If people really knew us or the decision we have made they would never want to be around us again. Some of us even go as far as not bringing it to God because we think the Lord will condemn. But that is not the truth at all!!!
John 3:19-21


The Great Commision

In the “Great Commission” Jesus tells us to GO! Go make disciples. GO Baptize. Go teach my Commandments. But Who is he telling to Go and what does Go look like?
Matthew 28


There is good coveting and there is bad coveting. In this video we cover both and how God plays a role in it all.
Micah 2


Relentless Lover

Talking about the prophet Hosea who God told to marry a prostitute named Gomer. When Gomer ran away the Lord told Hosea to go get her back. What He did for her will blow your mind. and just as Hosea went after Gomer the Lord relentlessly pursues us because he loves us and sees something in us we don’t see in ourselves
Hosea 3


Spiritual Warfare

When I first gave my life to the Lord I did not believe in Spiritual Warfare at all that included demons and angels. It wasn’t until I got to the mission field and came face to face with Spiritual attacks that I finally believed. God brought me to the book of Daniel to show me that Spiritual Warfare is real and I was in the middle of a battle
Daniel 10


Devotion: Useless Idols

God had the prophet Isaiah rebuke the people for handcrafting idols and worshiping them. Yet not much has changed since then only now we craft idols in our heart. Isaiah 44


Devotion: Don’t Awake Sexual Hunger Before Marriage

When we have sexual encounters for the first time it awakens a hunger and thirst for sexual things and if we do that before marriage then we will try to satisfy it with things that will hurt, damage or produce baggage in our lives. That is why Solomon said “Do not awaken or arouse Love before it so desires” Do not awaken these sexual hungers before you get married.
Song Of Solomon 2


Back from the Dead


When the Lord told Joel and I to dissolve Supplying Needs our non-profit that collected food, clothes, furniture and other supplies it felt like something had died on the inside of me. Helping people with product goods was and is my passion. It is what charges me and fills me full of joy. When God said to give it all up I had to bury it to be obedient to the Lord.

Over the past few months God has been speaking to me about starting up Supplying Needs again. When the Lord first started speaking to me about it I told him I was afraid and didn’t know if I had the drive to do it for fear God would just take everything away from us again. The Lord reassured me that He would never ever EVER ask us to give everything up as he did with Supplying Needs and this time around it would out last Joel’s and my life.

Just recently God told me he wanted to resurrect Supplying Needs. I was in shock and God reminded me that Joel and I had asked Him to resurrect SN the Easter after we had given everything away. That Easter service the Pastor had been speaking about God not only resurrecting Jesus but things in our lives that were dead and gone. Joel and I had cried out to God to resurrect the ministry He had given us then taken away. I had forgotten those prayers but the Lord was showing me that is exactly what He wants to do now.

So in June of this year Joel will be stepping up as lead Pastor of Life River Fellowship and the Lord showed me in July we will start asking for donations again, looking for a warehouse, praying for trucks and vehicles to pick up donations, forklifts, pallet jacks and pallet racks. Our church will be reaching out to the community through product goods all while sharing the love of Christ. Life River Fellowship will be doing events and food give aways.

Am I scared? Yeah a bit because it was so hard almost 4 years ago giving up what we loved and lived for only to start over again. Am I excited? HECK YA! This is my passion and drive. I love watching God work and I love doing the Lord’s will. I am excited to finally watch something grow and not have to tear it down. I am so overjoyed it is going to outlast us like God promised me. I am stoked about all the lives we get to interact with, meet, and share Jesus’ love. I am overjoyed to be God’s hands and feet once again in an area that I thrive in.

So here is the deal if you think about us pray! Pray for God’s will, for everything we need, and as well as people to help. And for you I hope this encourages you that even if a dream is dead in the grave that God can resurrect anything He chooses to. Just because it is long gone doesn’t mean God has forgotten about it. Be encouraged my friend, God can bring anything back from the dead!


Devotion: Beauty Maker

God turn any situation around and make it beautiful. This verse that I talk about in the video has encouraged me many many times that anything I am going through or bad situation I am in God can turn it around and use it for good.
Ecclesiastes 3:11


Devotion: A Good Reputation

A good reputation or a good name is so important. It can pave the way for us and create loyal friends, customers, or employees. In this video I talk about how to get a good reputation and why getting what you want no matter what the cost isn’t so great in the long run.
Proverbs 22