Devotion: Pushing Through Opposition

Nehemiah and the Jews not only faced opposition but they pushed through it! When God gives us a task it doesn’t mean it is going to be easy but are WE willing to push through and see it to full fruition?
Nehemiah 4


Devotion: Doing Something About It

If you spend any time at all with the Lord He will start to burden your heart for a people group, or city, country, social injustice, SOMETHING! Nehemiah was burdened for his people in Judah and the state they were in. He didn’t wait around for someone else to do something about it He asked God to use him. God burden your heart for a reason so JUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! 😀
Nehemiah 1

Devotion: Facing Opposition

Devotion: Facing Opposition
When you do God’s will you WILL face opposition. The people of Judah faced opposition just by saying no to a group of people. Don’t be surprised, most likely opposition will come but what are you going to do when it happens?
Ezra 4


Devotion: God’s Love Endures Forever

The Jews in Ezra’s time had experienced God’s anger but most of all his love that endures forever. Through their disobedience, captivity, and coming back to the promise land they experienced God was with them and loved them no matter what. Even when God was angry for good reason it didn’t last but what did last through it all was His love for them. God is the same way with us. Even when we do things that he absolutely hates he still loves us and that last way past anything else he feels or thinks towards us.
Ezra 3

Devotion: Don’t Let Your Surroundings Dictate Your Worship

The Jews that came back from exile were eager to worship God that they didn’t let the fact that they didn’t have a building to worship in or people disliking them and what they were doing. We as a people need to Just Worship!
Ezra 3

Devotion: God’s Timing

God’s timing is perfect and when what He has spoken over you is ready nothing will stop it. God told the people of Judah that after 70 years in exile he would bring them back to their native country. When the 70 years was up God did it in the most incredible way through a unlikely source.
Ezra 1

Devotion: Teaching is Important

To live a life pleasing to the Lord is important and to walk the walk of a Jesus follower is super important as well but to teach others about Jesus those are not enough we have to be deliberate about Talking and teaching about God and His word.
2 Chronicles 17

Devotion: The Lord Searches the Earth

The Lord Searches the Earth looking for a heart fully devoted to him. King Asa started out his reign fully committed to God but along the way his heart turned. He asked another king to help him in battle instead of God like he once did. The Lord is still today looking for a heart fully committed to him
2 Chronicles 16

Devotion: Listening to the Older Generation

It’s so important that the younger generation listens to the older generation. There would be a lot less mistakes made if the advice of the older wiser generation was heeded. Rehoboam, Solomon’s son made a big mistake by not listening to the older generation and ended up with with a portion of the kingdom instead of the whole kingdom.
2 Chronicles 10

Devotion: Sinning But Only So Far

It when you know you shouldn’t sin so you only do it a little bit or only in a certain area but honor God in other areas. Solomon knew he should not have married foreign wives but he did it any way. Solomon did have his limits and convictions so he was sinning but only so far.
2 Chronicles 8