Devotion: High Places

Some of the kings of Israel went to the high hills of Israel and made alters and burned incense to other Gods which made the people stumble. And even when a Godly king came into power they would do so many things right except tear down those high places which again made the people stumble in their generation and generations to come. We have high places in our lives where we have given our ours and lives to the Lord but there are things we still run to that are not good. We have to allow God to help us tear them down.
2 Kings 12


Devotion: Following God’s Ways

David told his son Solomon to follow God’s ways it and would go well for him. God’s decrees, commands, instructions, etc. So how does that look like for us today being that there is now grace, free salvation, Jesus dying on the cross and so on? I’m glad you asked!
1 Kings 2

Devotion: Motivation For Wisdom

God wants us to ask for wisdom but it is not just for us or to make us look good it is for everyone in our circle of influence. Solomon heart was to govern God’s people correctly. He knew that he couldn’t treat the people of Israel any sort of way so when opportunity came knocking he asked God for wisdom!
1 Kings 3

Devotion: Problems When you Don’t Discipline

Devotion: Problems When You Don’t Discipline
Through out the Bible it takes about disciplining your children and when you don’t there will be problems. King David never ever disciplined one of his sons and because he didn’t there were consequences. Discipline is Love. And God loves us enough to discipline us and He can teach us how to discipline our own children.
1 Kings 1

Devotion: The Danger to Not Confronting Problems

There are pretty big dangers to not confronting when there is a problem. Whether confronting family members, your own children, co-workers, friends, etc. When you don’t you are more communicating that it is okay and things can spiral out into even more problems.
David was a pretty great guy but the biggest issue he had was not confronting his children when they did wrong and because of it more and more problems happened.
2 Samuel 13

Daily Devotion: Grace Period

When you choose to sin even though you know God says not to and the Bible says not to but you do any ways there is a time after that that I like to call the Grace Period. The Grace Period is a short amount of time where God wants you to repent, wants you to make things right, wants you to confess your sin but when that time runs out there will be a rebuke, discipline, and maybe even consequences. When King David slept with Bathsheba another man’s wife God gave him 9 months to a year to repent and make things right but instead David kept getting deeper and deeper into his sin until God finally stepped in and rebuked him as well as having a couple consequences.
2 Samuel 11

Devotion: Above and Beyond

David went above and beyond his promise to Jonathan, Saul’s son. He kept his promise, did it above and beyond, and to a person that didn’t deserve it. Everything that David did in that situation is a true reflection of the way God interacts with us. Do you see He is a promise keeper, more than we could even imagine, and even when we don’t deserve it.
2 Samuel 9

Walking By Faith

I love Walking By Faith! For 11 years I was a missionary that never got paid, trusted God for everything and walked by faith believing God would take care of everything I needed whether personal needs or ministry needs. I wrote my journey down in a book called “One Yes” and in this video I share a little bit about what I wrote

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Devotion: Canceling Debt

There are times the Lord wants us to cancel people’s Debt. Here is the deal God never asks us to do something He doesn’t do. The Lord has canceled our debts plenty of times. In this vidoe I talk about my husband’s and my debt, other people’s debt, and how a friend of mine felt the Lord to cancel debt to everyone that owed him
Deuteronomy 15

Devotion: Speaking Against Leaders

It is never okay to speak against a leader to other people: Neither gossip, or slander, or even if they do wrong. There is a right way to approach a leader IF they are in sin or doing wrong! In this video I talk about Miriam and Aaron coming against Moses and how the Lord was not pleased, AT ALL!
Numbers 12