Walking By Faith

I love Walking By Faith! For 11 years I was a missionary that never got paid, trusted God for everything and walked by faith believing God would take care of everything I needed whether personal needs or ministry needs. I wrote my journey down in a book called “One Yes” and in this video I share a little bit about what I wrote

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Devotion: Blessings and Curses

God is telling the Israelites commends, laws, and decrees of how to Love Him properly and how to love others in the way God wants them to. Then he goes on to say if you follow my commands there will be blessings but if you don’t then curses will happen. BUT IT IS YOUR CHOICE! We have that same choice today to follow God or not! To follow His ways or do life our own way.
Coming from Deuteronomy 28


Devotion: Don’t Forget The Lord, Your God

It is so easy to go to God when things are going bad in our lives and then forget about Him when everything is going good. But God wants to be in our lives all the time, the good and the bad. And just before the Israelites entered the Promised Land the Lord said they were about to prosper in the land but He warned them to not forget Him when they do.
Deuteronomy 8

Devotion: Loving God His Way

We all have different ways we feel loved when people do them in action or word and God is the same way. There are certain ways He feels loved and has asked us to do them. In this video I share how the first few commandments are ways God feels loved and what that looks like.
Deuteronomy 5

Devotion: Tithe

What is a Tithe? And what does the Bible say about a Tithe? In this video I talk about what scripture says and my experience with Tithes and Offerings.
Leviticus 27

Devotion: Indirectly Sinning Against God

What does that even look like to “Indirectly sin against God?” When we treat other people poorly or wrong them we not only sin against them but against God! Coming from Leviticus 6 when God said when you sin against him and are unfaithful to him it is because you treated others wrong!

Devotion: So Many Offerings!!!!

When the Israelites were in the desert they were taught how to love God and how to love others. When they didn’t it was sin and God takes sin very seriously. And in order to make it right they had to give sacrifices and offerings.
Sin is still just as serious now as it was then. When we recognize how serious sin is to God we begin to see what a high price Jesus paid by shedding his blood for us!
Coming from Leviticus 4.

Devotion: Passover Lamb

This devotion has me all emotional. I talk about the 10th Plague that God sent the Egyptians and how the Israelites needed a Passover lamb in order to be spared from that plague. On top of that Jesus is our Passover Lamb and how that affects our lives today.
Exodus 12

Devotion: Excuses

I think we as people are pretty good at make excuses. And out of everyone you know I bet God has heard them all. But you wouldn’t make excuses to God, now would you?
In this devotion we come from the story of Moses when he gave God excuse after excuse.
Exodus 4

Devotional Video: Putting God First

God wants our best, our very best. But he knows the only way that is possible is if He is first in our lives. And the choices we make reflect if God is first in our hearts or not.
In this devotion we talk about the story of Cain and Able coming from Genesis 4:3-4