Devotion: God’s Love Endures Forever

The Jews in Ezra’s time had experienced God’s anger but most of all his love that endures forever. Through their disobedience, captivity, and coming back to the promise land they experienced God was with them and loved them no matter what. Even when God was angry for good reason it didn’t last but what did last through it all was His love for them. God is the same way with us. Even when we do things that he absolutely hates he still loves us and that last way past anything else he feels or thinks towards us.
Ezra 3


Devotion: Going Back to God

When people come against us in word or action we need to take that back to God and not retaliate or take it to heart. King Hezekiah was very good about this and when the Assyrian King came to take over Judah he went to the Lord about it, not once but twice.
2 Kings 19

Devotion: Why it’s Important to Know the BIBLE

If we love the Lord but don’t know what the Bible says we are just going to do what is right in our own eyes and that is not good. King Josiah loved the Lord with everything he had but it wasn’t until he heard what was written in the Book of the Law that he knew how to follow God.
2 Kings 22

Devotion: Following God’s Ways

David told his son Solomon to follow God’s ways it and would go well for him. God’s decrees, commands, instructions, etc. So how does that look like for us today being that there is now grace, free salvation, Jesus dying on the cross and so on? I’m glad you asked!
1 Kings 2

Devotion: Problems When you Don’t Discipline

Devotion: Problems When You Don’t Discipline
Through out the Bible it takes about disciplining your children and when you don’t there will be problems. King David never ever disciplined one of his sons and because he didn’t there were consequences. Discipline is Love. And God loves us enough to discipline us and He can teach us how to discipline our own children.
1 Kings 1

Daily Devotion: Grace Period

When you choose to sin even though you know God says not to and the Bible says not to but you do any ways there is a time after that that I like to call the Grace Period. The Grace Period is a short amount of time where God wants you to repent, wants you to make things right, wants you to confess your sin but when that time runs out there will be a rebuke, discipline, and maybe even consequences. When King David slept with Bathsheba another man’s wife God gave him 9 months to a year to repent and make things right but instead David kept getting deeper and deeper into his sin until God finally stepped in and rebuked him as well as having a couple consequences.
2 Samuel 11

Devotoin: Pleasing Man Over God

When God tells you to do one thing but people tell you to do the opposite. What are you going to do? Please man and get instant gratification or please God and know that His opinion is the only one that matters. King Saul chose to please man over God and because of it the lost the kingdom
1 Samuel 15

Devotion: Wanting Something Too Much

If we want something too much that even when God says no to keep asking and knocking on His door then the Lord can give in even though it is not good for us. Israel demanded a king and even though God said it was the worst idea ever they still wanted it and the Lord gave in. It is so much better to set aside our wants and desires and replace it with what God wants for us and our lives.
1 Samuel 8

Walking By Faith

I love Walking By Faith! For 11 years I was a missionary that never got paid, trusted God for everything and walked by faith believing God would take care of everything I needed whether personal needs or ministry needs. I wrote my journey down in a book called “One Yes” and in this video I share a little bit about what I wrote

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Devotion: Blessings and Curses

God is telling the Israelites commends, laws, and decrees of how to Love Him properly and how to love others in the way God wants them to. Then he goes on to say if you follow my commands there will be blessings but if you don’t then curses will happen. BUT IT IS YOUR CHOICE! We have that same choice today to follow God or not! To follow His ways or do life our own way.
Coming from Deuteronomy 28