Let Me Tell You a Secret


Let me tell you a secret:Lean in a little closer

Did you know that your body part that you hate the most is probably God’s favorite physical attribute about you?

I was lamenting to the Lord one day about my booty and stomach. God responded and said did you know when I created you that was my favorite part about you that I designed. When an artist creates a masterpiece there is usually one or two things they love the most about that piece.

He said I feel that way about all my masterpieces and the enemy knows it and then tries and makes my creation hate that thing about them.

The Lord went on to tell me how much he loves my booty and made it the size it was. And he loves my stomach and added extra fluff because he wanted it to look that way. That he loves all of me but when he sat back to look those two things were his favorite attribute on me.

We let ourselves get caught up in what the world sees as perfect and the enemy loves to use that and twist it into thinking we are ugly, fat, worthless, awkward, flaw design. But it is just not true.

God loves you for you! It’s time to believe what GOd says about you and begin to love yourself!



Blessed For Being Hated

What does it even mean when God says you are blessed for being hated because of Jesus. What does that look like and how should I respond. In this video I talk about those questions.
Luke 6

Hiding Garbage from God

Sometimes we have such garbage crap dirt in our lives that we try to hide it from the whole world including God. If people really knew us or the decision we have made they would never want to be around us again. Some of us even go as far as not bringing it to God because we think the Lord will condemn. But that is not the truth at all!!!
John 3:19-21

The Great Commision

In the “Great Commission” Jesus tells us to GO! Go make disciples. GO Baptize. Go teach my Commandments. But Who is he telling to Go and what does Go look like?
Matthew 28

How Have You Treated Jesus

Did you know that how you treat a follower of Jesus is how you treat Jesus?!? Jesus talks about it in the passage where on judgment day all nations will be gathered to him and he will start separating the people into two groups as you would sheep from the goats.
Matthew 25

Christian Hypocrite

Do you live one way at church or with your Christian friends but then live a a completely different life away from them or behind close doors? Is a double life pleasing to the Lord? And that is the question I answer in this video!
Matthew 21


The Bible says do not worry, but WHY????? In this video I answer that question using the instructions Jesus gave with the sermon on the mount. If you want to know why you shouldn’t worry watch this video
Matthew 6

Love Your Enemies

God has high standards and one of those standards is to love your enemies no matter what they have done to you. In this video I talk about what Jesus said about Loving Your Enemies and how God doesn’t ask us to do anything He doesn’t do!
Matthew 5