Devotion: Trusting in Numbers

Trusting in Numbers is when we trust in things or people more than God. David wanted to do a census of his fighting men instead of trusting God who had given him numerous victorious on the battle field. God longs for us to trust him over anything this world can offer and at the end of the day he is more trust worthy than anything we could put our trust in.
1 Chronicles 21


Devotion: Ask God for Advice

King David made it a habit through out his life to ask God for advice. And the Lord wants us to do the same. God is all knowing and he is so generous when we ask for advice, wisdom, counsel, etc. 1 Chronicles 14

Devotion: Confirmation

God will send confirmation to confirm that what he spoke over us either will happen or that we are in the right place at the right time just like he did for David when he became King. God loves confirming His message to you. He did it for me when the Lord told my husband and I to start giving groceries away once a month. If he confirmed the word He spoke over me God will confirm things for you too.
1 Chronicles 14

Devotion: Signs of the Times

God wants to speak to us about the future so we know how to make the right decisions when the time comes. It was spoken about David over and over again that he would anointed king. Not everyone recognized when the time came but a couple of groups did. One of those groups being the tribe of Issachar all because they recognized the signs of the times.
1 Chronicles 12

Devotion: God Will Send Encouragement

In our darkest hour in our hardest trials God will send encouragement to help us keep going. David was going through a hard time but the Lord used a Benjaminite named Amanai who spoke words of encouragement to David
1 Chronicles 12

Devotion: Going Back to God

When people come against us in word or action we need to take that back to God and not retaliate or take it to heart. King Hezekiah was very good about this and when the Assyrian King came to take over Judah he went to the Lord about it, not once but twice.
2 Kings 19

Devotion: Why it’s Important to Know the BIBLE

If we love the Lord but don’t know what the Bible says we are just going to do what is right in our own eyes and that is not good. King Josiah loved the Lord with everything he had but it wasn’t until he heard what was written in the Book of the Law that he knew how to follow God.
2 Kings 22

Devotion: High Places

Some of the kings of Israel went to the high hills of Israel and made alters and burned incense to other Gods which made the people stumble. And even when a Godly king came into power they would do so many things right except tear down those high places which again made the people stumble in their generation and generations to come. We have high places in our lives where we have given our ours and lives to the Lord but there are things we still run to that are not good. We have to allow God to help us tear them down.
2 Kings 12

Devotion: Majority Does NOT Rule

It doesn’t matter if you are the only one following God on the job, with your relatives or where ever your feet take you, because majority doesn’t rule, God does. Elijah was 1 against 450+ people when it came to following God and that didn’t stop him for serving the Lord. It actually made him bolder to where he proved God ruled over all.
1 Kings 18

Devotion: Least Likely

God is well known for choosing the least likely candidate to do mighty things. God picked an unlikely candidate to provide for the prophet Elijah! If the Lord did it then He can do it now! You are not unlikely candidate for God even if everyone else thinks you are!
1 Kings 17