Devotion: Consequences

We could be doing almost everything with the right heart and zeal to the Lord. Going to church, tithing, reading our word to learn more about God and his ways but then there is that one thing that we know we shouldn’t do but we are doing any way and that can bring about horrible consequences. King David and Israel was bring the Ark of the Covenants to the City of David with all their heart and might to the Lord yet they weren’t transferring the Ark in the way God had told Israel to do so and because of it there were horrible consequences
2 Samuel 6


Devotion: Man Can’t Take Away Your Promise

When God makes you a promise no man can take it away from you. It doesn’t matter if he is in position God promised you or with the person God said you were going to marry or what ever. If God made a promise he will fulfill it. David understood this very well. God anointed him as king over all Israel. So even when King Saul was king for a very long time and Saul’s family appointed his son as king David didn’t declare war or retaliate. He waited patiently for the Lord to act. 2 Samuel 2

Devotion: Showing Respect No Matter What

In our day and time we say, “If they want my respect they have to earn it!” But that is not God’s ways or how He rolls. David was THE perfect example of how to show respect even when someone (Leader, person, relative) in your life is horrible.
1 Samuel 26

Devotion: Appearance Isn’t Everything

To man your appearance is everything but to God your heart is what matters to him. When God send the Prophet Samuel to anoint the next king Samuel was looking at the outward appearance and assuming God wanted them as king. But God looked at the heart and chose a man after God’s own heart instead.
1 Samuel 16

Devotoin: Pleasing Man Over God

When God tells you to do one thing but people tell you to do the opposite. What are you going to do? Please man and get instant gratification or please God and know that His opinion is the only one that matters. King Saul chose to please man over God and because of it the lost the kingdom
1 Samuel 15

Devotion: Trusting Your Godly Leader

Just as Jonathan’s armor bearer said to him, “I am with you heart and soul” God wants us to trust our leaders enough to follow them. Some times there are too many people wanting to lead and not enough followers. God wants us to be able to follow those godly leaders he has placed in our lives.
1 Samuel 14

Devotion: Wanting Something Too Much

If we want something too much that even when God says no to keep asking and knocking on His door then the Lord can give in even though it is not good for us. Israel demanded a king and even though God said it was the worst idea ever they still wanted it and the Lord gave in. It is so much better to set aside our wants and desires and replace it with what God wants for us and our lives.
1 Samuel 8

Devotion: Recognizing When God Speaks

Everyone hears from God even people who don’t believe in the Lord or no one would give their hearts to Jesus. The biggest issue is we just don’t recognize when God is speaking to us. Samuel didn’t recognize the first time God spoke to him. It took Eli his guardian to point it out.
1 Samuel 3

Devotion: What Does Your Reputation Say About You

If you have a good reputation it can path the way for you by opening doors you never thought possible. Ruth had an amazing reputation so much so the whole town was talking about her and caught the eye of Boaz which later led to them getting married. Your reputation can make or break opportunities in your life. So I ask you what does you reputation say about you?
Ruth 2

Devotion: Seeing People Different

God has put people in our lives that maybe a different nationality, a different religion, disabled, single mother, etc because he wants you to have compassion and a different out look on a people group for a purpose He has in your life. Boaz saw Ruth differently than other Israelites did because of someone God had put in Boaz’s life.
Matthew 1:5-6