Faith for Faith

faithEvery intern is different. Every one with their unique personality, their strengths their weaknesses. I kind of always knew that but what I didn’t know is that each community event God wanted them to do would be hand-crafted just for them. God not only designed their event but he tailor-made it according to their personalities and calling they have on their lives. Mickey’s event not only reached out to the elderly but utilized kids in their giftings. Mickey’s heart is for children to know that they are called and created by God and they can be used by God even now at a young age. Jaxson’s event was to reach the homeless and less fortunate which is his heart and desire. And then there is Faith. Oh my Faithy dear God used you in incredible ways just as he did with Mickey and Jaxson.

For Faith God told her a couple of months in advance that she was going to put on a Spaghetti feed for Valentines day.  That meant having the faith for the location, food, decorations, volunteers, child care so couples can have  a romantic meal together, and people to come.  That takes a lot of faith to believe that God will do what He put on her heart to do.  A lot of people I know receive a vision or direction from God with excitement but as time ticks on they become fearful and shrink back from the task at hand.

Though there were many ups and downs to get to the event, yet by the time the day came Faith was on top of things.  I mean like really on top of things.  I got to church’s gym where the event was being held and everything was pretty much already set up.  Tables for 6 for families that wanted to dine together or couples that wanted to visit with other couples.  There were tables for 2 for those that just wanted a romantic dinner together.  Each table had white table clothes with chocolate hearts sprinkled about and a candle as the center piece.  There was romantic music playing in the back ground and the spaghetti meal cooking in the kitchen.  I don’t think anything was left undone! The volunteers were awesome as they helped with each task.  Once again God made the impossible possible. The impossible for this event was having food on a tight budge, having people come and help serve, getting fliers passed out and information on social media, and then praying God will bring in people.  Faith did her part and God certainly came through on his end.

You have to understand that the event God asks you to do is never ever EVER about you. It is about the people God is sending to receive from Him.  God loves to lavish His creation with gifts, presents, and love.  He wants people to know that He cares and has been thinking about them all along!

The people that came made the whole thing all worth it.  There was a family of 5 that came and ate together who usually serve at events the whole time instead of being served.  There was another family that enjoyed a nice meal together without worrying about dishes or meal prep.  There were couples that were able to drop their kids off and sit with other couples and have adult time with one another.  There were other couples who got to go to a table all to themselves and enjoy one anothers company. ALL FOR FREE.

The couple that touched all of our hearts the most was the one that told Faith that they had not even been married for a year. It had been such a rough year with finances and other things happening. They longed to do something special for their first valentines day together but didn’t have the funds to do so.  When they heard about the event that God and Faith were putting on they were so excited they could actually have a restaurant quality meal without paying a dime.  They were so grateful someone cared enough to do this for the community.

Now THAT, THAT is what it is all about. The people that God sends to be loved on.  If Faith didn’t have the faith to step out and do what God had place on the inside of her heart to do then none of the people that came would have had the experience they did  Thank you God for people like Faith who will to step out and say Yes Lord I am willing!

I am so proud of Faith! It was such a hard event but not only was it amazing but God was so pleased.  After each event, each intern is to go back to God and ask Him what He thought of the event.  Both Faith and I got how pleased God was and how it turned out better than  we could ever expect!  Faith learned so much and I am so pleased with with God did through her and in her.

Thank you Volunteers who came out and helped with everything. Thank you those who donated and gave of your resources.

Thank you Jesus for once again coming through and using us to Love on the community.  I am truly blown away by all you do!

Now what about you? What is God asking you to step out in faith for and believe.  Maybe not just for you and your family but for others to receive God’s love that He has for them.  It is not always easy but in the end it is ALWAYS WORTH IT!




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