Valuable Lessons I have Learned as a Teacher


It is hard being the teacher. It is so much easier being a student.  It looked easier from a student’s point a view kind of like parenting looks easier from a childless view point.  You judge differently when you are on the other side.  I believe that most if not all of us will become teachers some day whether it is to our children, people that look to use for wisdom/advice, as a coach, or in a classroom setting.

I have learned some very valuable lessons:

  1. Micromanaging is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad!  You crush the person’s spirit and remove their creativity.  You make them in to “mini-me’s”  God created them unique and special and when you micromanage you remove all that amazing stuff which has God placed on the inside of them.   I am very glad that God put me under a leader that was a micro-manager years ago so that I would learn I don’t like it and I never want to treat another being that way.
    For my interns each one has to do a community event where they ask God what the event is, who their audience is and how to go about getting resources for the event.  A good number of times I wanted to jump in and make them do it a certain way.  But God kept reminding me I am just the “coach” I have given them all the tools they need, now I just need to encourage and point in the right direction. What they do is up to them.  And you know what IT TURNED OUT AMAZING. Better than if I would have jumped in and took over.  You have to ask God when to step in and when to be a cheerleader.  If you step in at the wrong time you will mess it up.

2. If they are not doing something you think they should be doing like an assignment or an activity then you probably explained it wrong or didn’t communicate it properly.  I learned this by reading Spiritual Leadership by Huckabee but found it even more true as a teacher.  I have found if I have an employee or student that isn’t doing something they should be doing, 99% of the time I didn’t explain it correctly and they did what they had interpreted me to say.  You have to realize most of the time it is your fault, Teachers.
I don’t understand teachers who get excited when most of their class failed. WHAT?!? That is not a refection on the class that is a reflection on you.  Or if you assigned something to your employee and they didn’t do it quit right most likely your explanation wasn’t very good.
I remember working in the engine room on the ships.  My boss had taught me a little bit about rewiring things.  So I noticed a problem and did what I had been told.  When my boss came and saw my work he flipped out.  I said “but that is how you taught me”  in which he replied “I didn’t teach you that way. I would never do it that way.”  You have to look and reexamine if you really explained it a 100% accurate or not.  You as a boss or teacher will not always be the problem but most of the time your communication was probably lacking!

3. And Last: Your students or employees or whoever you are teaching are precious.  They are God’s greatest treasure.  You need to treat them as such even if they don’t treat you with respect or if they don’t believe in themselves.  What you speak over them you can and will have lasting affects.  Your words are life or death.  You will either make them believe in themselves or they will believe they are the dumbest people on the planet.  Regardless of what you think about them they are loved and treasured by God, their creator.  They are valuable and priceless.  I remember watching a video of a teacher who had a problem child, she would speak over him “You are smart, you are a good boy,  . . .” etc.  The child just laughed at her and told her everyone else said he was a bad boy and a problem including his other teachers and parents.  But each time she would speak the same life giving words over him.  Eventually he did change.  He asked her one day how did she know he was a good kid.  She said because people spoke over me that I was stupid and wouldn’t go far.  I believed them for many years but one day I believed I was smart and could do whatever I set my mind to.  I know all children are smart and good kids.  Just by her words she changed that boys life.  Our words are powerful.  Be careful what you speak over those God has placed under you.  They will have lasting affects.  And EVERYONE is gifted you just have to dig a little harder in some than in others.

Being a teacher is not easy but if you do it God’s way the reward, the fruit, the whatever you call it is lasting.  Yes you will have hard days. Yes you will have times you feel like the worst teacher in the world. But at the end of the day God’s opinion is the only one that matters and He thinks you are WONDERFUL!



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