A Giant’s Faith

God never ceases to amaze me.
One of my interns Jaxson had his community event yesterday. All interns are required to do an event by asking God what the event is, who the audience is and what resources they will need and how to get them. One month ago Jaxson told me that God said for him to feed pizza to the homeless/hungry on January 13. And so the journey began. A week before the event all Jaxson had was volunteers and the location to serve the people, but that didn’t stop him from putting up flyers and telling people to come and receive food. Jaxson had faith that even though he didn’t have any food at all he still trusted and believed God would supply.
Three days before the outreach Jaxson and I got together to discuss what needed to be done and pray. When we had our meeting there was still no food. I have to admit, though I have done many of outreaches for the Lord and God always came through in crazy amazing ways I was freaked out, though I never let Jaxson know I was “scured” aka scared! I didn’t know how God was going to do it and it is so different being on this side where I am just the coach instead of the player. My job was to train and encourage to trust God no matter what.
We prayed and God impressed on our hearts to ask the food banks in town if they wanted to partner with the event and donate any food. Then God impressed on Jaxson’s heart to put it on facebook to ask if any one would be willing to give towards this event. Food and money came in from every where. It felt like a flood gate had been open and people and businesses were giving left and right.
On Thursday Jaxson went shopping with the money that was given to him to buy the main supplies needed. It is hard knowing what to buy and how much when you don’t know how many are coming and people have promised food but you don’t know the exact quantity. But once again Jaxson stepped out in faith and bought what he thought was best.
He went to one bakery store to buy bagels. As he went to pay for them the Lord impressed on his heart to tell the cashier why he was buying the bagels. When she found out it was for an outreach she said “Wait a minute” And pulled out some money and told Jaxson that a man had came to the store and gave her 20 dollars and to give that money to the next person that was purchasing food for a feeding outreach. WHAT SERIOUSLY JESUS! Like you put on someones heart to leave money for Jaxson, who we will never meet and it paid for everything he was buying there. GOD YOU ARE SO AMAZING.
On Thursday the Lord gave a passage where a widow sold oil to pay her debtors and Elisha told her there would be enough left over to live on. God showed me that he would supply for the event and have leftovers. And leftovers we did have. There was so much food that it blessed the people coming in to eat at the location and take home and the volunteers. God is not just a God of enough but God of abundance.
The day of the event we had a good turn out. People loved the pizza. There was a lady who came in at the last minute and said “I have been hearing about this pizza all day. Everyone who came into the store said it was so good and I needed to go get some.” There was a young father who was so grateful and so blessed by the kindness he received that He said something like this was the nicest thing anyone has ever done. I said no you can’t be serious he interjected and said Yes I am very serious. There was another young man that stayed nearly the whole time. At times I would watch him just soaking in the atmosphere and music and the love that was in that room. It’s like he had never experienced something like that before. Then there was a mom with two little ones, we found out it was her birthday and was able to all sing to her. I know there are so many stories but these are the ones God really pointed out to me.
After it was all said and done I went to God and he gave me the scripture: In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. But someone will say, “You have faith; I have deeds.” Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds. -James 2:17-18
The Lord spoke and said that He was so well pleased with Jaxson and his faith. And his faith was brought out by his deeds. That he trusted God from the beginning and he WORKED HARD. I mean non stop that last week. He continued to seek God and would not ask for food or move forward in the natural until God gave him the green light and when the Lord did it was on.
Faith is a risk. It is always a risk. You can learn that in this story where Jaxson had no food and no guarantee or money to produce results in himself. But God said it, so he believed it and stepped out. If you walk away from this story with any lesson walk away knowing that Faith isn’t easy it is always a risk but it is worth it. ALWAYS WORTH it in the end.
Thank you everyone who gave and partnered with Jaxson to do God’s will. Thank you for being God’s hands and feet in this whether you gave of food, money, or time, you were a true blessing!!!
Well done Jaxson. I could not be any prouder! You have a giant like faith. May it grow and follow you where ever you go!
Thank you Jesus once again for showing how amazing you are if we just obey and step out in Faith. You are truly the hero and supplier of all that happened.

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