How you view God affects how you pray

​Things that make you go hm . . . .  My interns and I are reading George Muellers autobiography and it has really convicted us about our prayer lives.

I have come to realize through our study that our prayer life: how we pray and what we pray is a reflection of how we see and know God.  If we believe it he is a kind, generous, loving Father.  Then it will be easier to ask God for things.  If we see him as forgiving and merciful then when we mess up it will be easier to go to him and repent and know He will accept us with open arms.

But if we see God as angry, judgemental, unmerciful, not generous or anything else our prayers will be hindered by that perception.

So I ask you today how do you view God (good or bad) and how does that affect how you pray to God.  This isn’t a quick thought kind of answer.  Dig a little deeper and see if some view you have of God is hindering you from seeking God in a certain way. YOu may be surprised what the answer is.


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