My Dancing Wedding

God gave me a vision for my wedding. Part of that vision was having “dancing girls” or bridesmaids dance down the aisle. And I would also dance down the aisle to a song that represented my love for Jesus and my love for my husband.

I did a clip from that part of my wedding, ENJOY!


Living Water

Secret Place Mini Series:
In this video I share a vision the Lord gave me of Living Water flowing from heaven, into my heart, and then it pouring out like a river into a waterfall.  He instructed me to share that living water with others!

John 7:38 (ESV) Describes the vision perfectly: Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’”

We need to share living water with others! Check out the video to hear about my experience!

How To Make a Simple Elegant Necklace!

I love this type of Necklace. You can wear it with a formal dress or jeans and a blouse to make the outfit pop. In this video I teach you how to make this easy elegant necklace.  It looks harder to make than it is. I call this necklace a Tier Necklace,  you may call it something else. But whatever it is this piece of jewelry will look stunning on your neck!

Be Careful What You Say Children of God about Leaders/Rulers/Those In Authority

I have to admit I have been pretty embarrassed by my fellow Christians when it comes to this whole election business.  Especially after Trump was elected president. I became even more embarrassed by Church peoples response.

I am going to be super honest and transparent with you I had a lot more understanding for my African American Friends/Family, for my friends who are immigrants, and people of a different religion than me, namely Muslims who responded how they did.  I understand the tears, fears, and maybe even some of the words spoken after the election.  I didn’t always like some of the comments but behind those words I felt the sadness, fear, and concern for the future and I wanted with all my heart to remove that from every person who felt that way.

I have to admit I was most embarrassed about my Caucasian friends especially those who have said ignorant things or even down right un-christian  things who are true lovers of Jesus.

The Lord has really been speaking to me about this Election not so much the who should be president but what my attitude needs to be like.  How God expects His followers to act. God reminded me of the verse he gave me when President Obama was elected 8 years ago.  I can honestly say I didn’t agree with a lot of Obama’s point of views.  I didn’t like where he stood on so many subjects.  I didn’t really want Obama to be president. I had a lot on my mind and had a mouth to speak UNTIL God popped this verse out at me:

“Do not blaspheme God or curse the ruler of your people.” -Exodus 22:28 (NIV)

Man that one little itty-bitty verse changed my attitude, my heart, and my mouth when it came to president Obama.  After God showed it to me I never spoke anything against My President, My President Obama.  Nope wouldn’t do it.  If I ever felt the urge to I would pray for President Obama.  That didn’t mean I was just a floor mat about the subjects of abortion, same-sex marriage, health care and other issues.  But it was always done in respect and with Honoring my president.  Just because I disagree with someone doesn’t mean I have to disrespect them.  That is not Godly, not one bit.  I didn’t tear him apart, curse his name, say horrible things I would never say to a person in the same room as me.  Even if President Obama never knows who I am I still want to honor and respect him out of Love for my God.

So where does that leave me with this election with President Trump.  Well I have to admit I had fear in my heart when I heard the news that i took straight to God.  I needed His point of view on the subject matter.  Man God spoke to my fear and gave me peace and his insight.  Not that my view changed about Trump but my view on what God saw from His throne gave me peace.  Him being in control, him having my future in his hands, Him loving Trump just as much as he loves me.  My heart and peace changed.  And that verse was just as loud 8 years ago as it is now.  You WILL NEVER EVER KNOW how I truly feel about President Trump.  I will not cures him, disrespect him, or dishonor him.  I will love and pray for Him.

Then to add the cherry to the top of the sundae in all that God was sharing with me I heard Bill Johnson preach on “Prayer that Shapes Cultures” Here is the link if you want to watch it The message was the last 30 minutes of the video.  But his message was about praying for our leaders in our country, city, region. He used the scripture 1 Timothy 2:1

“I urge, then first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercessions and thanksgiving be made for all people – for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.”

The message was sooooo good I really recommend you watch it but let me highlight a few things God popped out at me as we watched the video.
1) We need to prayer for all people all but we really need to pray for leaders of our country, county, region, etc.  As of now they have limited resources of wisdom and knowledge and by praying for them we are asking God to give them an unlimited resource of the Lord’s wisdom for what they are facing each and every day.  That God will show them decisions they are about to make and what decision will have the best affect even years down the road for everyone involved.  We want their library of information that they are drawing from to have a Divine perspective straight from God’s library.
2) When I am not thankful for a person then it is hard to honor that person which makes it hard to respect and even pray for that person.  The verse says thanksgiving made for all people. We are called to Honor everyone but if we can’t even thank God for something about that person we won’t be able to.  We have to ask God to help us be thankful and show us what we can be thankful for in that person.
3) This isn’t a one time prayer session this is a commitment to continue to pray for our leaders.
4) And last when change in the leader starts to happen it is like a green house effect.  Where in a green house the climate is changed and made to at the perfect temp, the atmosphere is at the perfect moister all to make it easier for things to grow.  Laws will be changed, peace will come about and joy will be shared by all. And it will make it easier for seeds of God to planted and people to know the Lord better.

Now those 4 things I just explained didn’t do the message justice but I hope you get the gist.  It is time my fellow Christians to STOP putting your mouth on our leaders. To stop trying to find fault in them because you don’t like them.  It is time to stop looking or acting like those who do not believe in Christ by cursing our leaders and yes that includes our new president.  Your “Cursing” is displeasing to God.  It is not honoring.  Just like when God says Honor your Mother and Father and it will go well with you.  God never gave the stipulation that if your Parents were good parents then you  could honor them.  No that commandment is for children with either good or bad parents, they must all be honored.  God didn’t say if the ruler is good then don’t cures them.  No any leader, any king, any ruler is not to be cursed.  You are to pray, honor and even find things to be thankful for in them.

No you can’t control how leaders act, no you can’t control if they are a good or bad rulers all you can control is your mouth, attitude, actions, and heart.  And God calls us to be his sons and daughters: to love like him, to honor like him, and to not curse like him.  What does the bible say to bless those who insult you, to pray for those who misuse you.  To always love even when you are hated.  It sucks and it is hard but it is what God has called us, his children to do.

Be careful what you say Children of God.  Be careful what you say!

embarrassed young brunette covering her mouth with both hands

The Story of God Promising and Providing a House

In this video I share my story of when God promised a house to my husband and I.  The journey it took to get to the promise.  How I almost bailed from God’s promise. And then how the Lord provided in the most amazing way.

May this encourage you not only to wait on the promises that God has for you but to spend time with the Lord daily to receive Direction, Instruction, and Correction.