Obedient in the Big Things

In this video I talk about when God asks us to do big things and why it is important to obey. It is not always easy to do as the Lord asks but it is worth it. I talk about when God asked my husband and I to move to California and start a non-profit from the ground up, that would help the hungry, poor, needy, and lost. It was a huge undertaking but worth every tear, heart ache, and obstacle we faced.


How to Make Dangle Bead Earrings

I love making Jewelry! In this video I teach you how to make dangled bead earrings.  I actually teach you how to make two types of earrings.

Next week I will use the same technique that we used to make these earrings to make a certain type of necklaces.  The more techniques you have the more different varieties of jewelry you can make.

You can get any of these supplies at Walmart or Michael’s.

When God Asked Me to Give Away My Prized Possession

Obedience is hard especially when it is something you really care about or value. In this video I talk about when God asked me to give away my prized possession. How hard it was but finding out later why it was so necessary for me to obey.

It is not always easy to do what God asks us to do. But we need to obey because He is good not matter what, He knows what is best for us, and He has our best in mind.

How to Make a Necklace

Since I won’t be on the net tomorrow I decided to post my video a day early. Just so you know for the next couple of weeks on Thursday I will be posting “How to make Jewelry” videos. Each week we will progress to a harder and different style of necklace. So if your interested make sure you subscribe to my channel on youtube so you get updates on when the videos come out.
In this video I teach how to make a simple necklace.

The Cost of my Disobedience

I am doing a mini series on Obedience. This is part three in that series.  And it cost something when we are disobedient.  It may cost us getting healed, delivered, or free.  Or it may cost someone else not to hear about Jesus.

In this video I talk about a time when the Lord told me to do something and I wasn’t obedient.  I was shock when I learned why He wanted me to be obedient and realized someone missed out on hear about him.

When God Tells You To Go: JUST GO!

I am doing a mini series on the importance of Obedience. One morning God showed me his heart for a people group and yet the people he was wanting to send would not go.  I offered but God said I was not called to do it. It broke my heart.

In this video I talk about when God says go we just need to go.  He has a plan and purpose for you that only can fulfill. It doesn’t work to say send someone else, because no one else can do it the way God designed for you to do it.