Behind the Scenes of Our Pregnancy Announcement Photos

This video is a Behind the Scenes of our Pregnancy Announcement Photos.  Our dear friend Whitney is not only crazy talented but has a heart and love for each client that walks through her doors.  And she is loves her some Jesus! I was able to video her telling a story of how God came through with a small budget for Groceries one day.  AT the end of the video I also talk about how humbled I truly feel by her love and generosity.

It was a fun day with our little family and close friend as we captured moments of our excitement as we get ready prepared for a new bundle of Joy in our lives.

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What to do with Overripe Bananas and Other Fruit

HOLD UP! Don’t throw away that overripe fruit.  I have just the recipe for you that will prevent you from throwing out perfectly good food.  MAKE IT INTO A SMOOTHIE.  Yum Yum.  In this video I teach you how to make one of my favorite recipes of all time.  Watch and learn, You will thank me for it later, I promise 😉

Smoothie Recipe

1 Apple or 1 Banana or 1 Pear (or two of them or all three)
1 Cup of Juice
1/2 Cup of Frozen Blueberries
4 Large Frozen Strawberries

Modesty:What Side of the Spectrum are You?

There are two extreme sides of the spectrum when it comes to Modesty: One where you dress from head to toe and judge others for not being as modest as you are. Or the other side of the spectrum is wearing whatever you want and thinking it is guys fault if they have a problem “They shouldn’t be looking any way” Can I tell you there is a middle ground. Watch the video not only to find out what the middle ground looks like but I take you on a journey of my revelation of Modesty.

Moral of My Ice Cream Story: Spend Time with God Daily

In this video I share an amazing story of how God opened a door for an Ice Cream Company to donate. This company from past experience seemed like they would never give.

One morning as I was spending time the Lord He instructed me to give them a call one more time.  It is so important that we are spending daily time with the Lord.  He longs to love on us, direct us, and heal us in our quiet time with Him.  It’s time to start seriously considering spending one on one time with God daily.

Writing Down a Needs, Wants, and Bills List to God

In 2007 the Lord impressed on my heart to write a Needs, Wants, and Bills list down and give it to Him.  By doing so God came through in the most amazing ways. In this video I encourage you to write your own Needs, Wants, and Bills list to God and watch and see what He does.

So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.
-Luke 11:9