Reaching out to a Man that was Homeless

My book One Yes is going on sale at a discount price Friday August 29th – Sunday August 31st.  Over the next week I am doing videos and written stories that are straight from the book.

Here is a story from my book. Joel, My husband and I were hitting the streets every Friday night between 10:30pm and 1 am to pass out goodie bags of candy, cookies, make-up and hygiene products all to share God’s love.

This story was an interaction we had with a homeless man one of those nights:

One of my favorite memories I have of a Friday night was when we ran into a homeless man. Joel and I had been going hard that day and the next morning I had a women’s conference I was speaking at. I usually didn’t say yes to anything on Saturdays because I was so exhausted from working the whole week. But I felt God tell me to say yes to the speaking engagement and so there I was worried we would be out super late on a Friday night. We ran into the homeless man half way into the route. He was sitting on a curb near some bushes. We offered him a goodie bag and he took it. Joel asked if he could pray for him but the man declined.

Then the homeless man opened up and said his bike was stolen and he was too tired to finish his journey to the men’s shelter that was on the other side of town. Out of my mouth came “We can give you a ride to the shelter.” What the heck? Joel and I never offer rides. It is too dangerous and it makes us too vulnerable in a closed environment with someone we don’t know. I couldn’t believe what just popped out of my mouth. Joel didn’t even blink. And the man asked if we were sure. Once again my mouth spoke without me wanting it to “Sure we can take you.” He jumped up and went behind the bushes to retrieve a grocery bag of his belongings and the three of us headed to the car. It was about a 5 minute walk to where we parked and the whole way I was praying, “God if this man desires to kill us, stab us, or shoot us I ask that you change his mind. I have seen you change other people’s mind that wanted to harm us. I know you can do that with this man if that is his desire.”

We put the goodie bags we were carrying in the trunk and all three of us climbed into the car. The man sat in the back seat and Joel drove while I was in the passenger’s seat. I had learned to always carry small bills on me for people that were truly in need. One time we ran into a lady I just adored who needed 10 dollars for medicine. She did not have a penny to her name. So in desperation she prostituted herself. She had been on the street for 2 hours trying to get customers but was unsuccessful. I had no money on me at the time to give her. I also know that I had never seen her sell her body before. She was so desperate for the medicine she needed that she was willing to do whatever it took to get it. It broke my heart. God convicted me after that night to carry small bills.

So that night we were driving the homeless man to the shelter I had a 5 dollar bill in one pocket and a 10 dollar bill in the other pocket.

God to me – “Give him the 5 dollars.”
Me – “Lord how about the 10 dollars?”
God – “No the 5 dollars.”
Me – “God how about the 5 and the 10?”
God – “No the 5 dollars.”
Me – “Do I do it now or when we park at the shelter?”
God – “Now.”

I reach in my pocket and pulled out the 5 and said to the man – “Sir here is 5 dollars. For whatever you want. If you want to get food tomorrow or whatever. I felt the Lord wanted me to give it to you.” You could feel a shift in the atmosphere.

Man – “No, no, no you don’t have to do that.”
Me – “I want to.” The man took the money and sat there thinking for a while.
Man – “Yesterday a woman asked me for a dollar for food and I gave her my last 5 dollars. You are restoring my faith in God.”

Joel and I sat for a moment in shock and awe of God. Then we started to minister to him. I can’t remember all that was said but it was beautiful as the man opened up and we shared about the ways of Jesus. When we got to the shelter and parked Joel asked if he could pray for the man. This time the man said yes. Joel prayed a simple prayer but with such sincere beauty like he always does. When Joel got done praying the man sat for a moment.

Man – “I feel like I am in paradise. I have never felt this way before.” I remembered instantly when Jesus said to the criminal that was on the cross next to him and said “Today you will be with me in paradise.”
Me – “That is heaven invading the car, invading earth. You are feeling heaven.”
Man – “I feel like I am in paradise.” The man got out and we said our good-byes As we drove away the Lord spoke and told me that he purposely shortened our night so I could get sleep for the next day. That He cut our Friday night in half and we didn’t have to go back and finish the rest of the route. God was truly looking out for us and set everything up perfectly. I don’t know how He does it but His ways are truly wonderful!

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