Devotion: Speaking Against Leaders

It is never okay to speak against a leader to other people: Neither gossip, or slander, or even if they do wrong. There is a right way to approach a leader IF they are in sin or doing wrong! In this video I talk about Miriam and Aaron coming against Moses and how the Lord was not pleased, AT ALL!
Numbers 12


How to Convert Pierced Earrings to Clip Ons

In the world of jewelry making you need a few tricks in your bag. This is a great one to have in your tool box: How to convert a pierced earring set into clip-on earrings. So easy to learn that it will make you glad you know how to do it!


Devotion: Is The Lord’s Arm Too Short?

Is the Lord’s Arm Too Short? That is the question that God asked Moses. What the Lord was really saying is, “Is there anything I can’t do?” “Is there anything too impossible for me?” “Am I not the God of the impossible.”
So for you do you believe that God can do all things in your life?
Numbers 11

Devotion: If You Don’t Know, Ask God!

Sometimes we have so many people coming up to us wanting advice or answers that it is so tempting to make something up. But lets take Moses great example of going to God for an answer instead of making one up on his own.
Numbers 9

Devotion: Tithe

What is a Tithe? And what does the Bible say about a Tithe? In this video I talk about what scripture says and my experience with Tithes and Offerings.
Leviticus 27

Devotion: Medium, Witches, and Sorcery. OH MY!

In our society witches, witch craft, voodoo is more for entertainment than anything but what does the Bible say about it? In this devotion we talk about Leviticus 19 & 20 as well as my experience with these things!

Devotion: Offerings to the Lord

God wants us to give to the church but with the motivation it is to Him not to man. Though he set up tithes and offerings to help those who are our spiritual leaders live off of our giving it is still unto Him (God) that we give!
Leviticus 7

Devotion: Indirectly Sinning Against God

What does that even look like to “Indirectly sin against God?” When we treat other people poorly or wrong them we not only sin against them but against God! Coming from Leviticus 6 when God said when you sin against him and are unfaithful to him it is because you treated others wrong!

Devotion: So Many Offerings!!!!

When the Israelites were in the desert they were taught how to love God and how to love others. When they didn’t it was sin and God takes sin very seriously. And in order to make it right they had to give sacrifices and offerings.
Sin is still just as serious now as it was then. When we recognize how serious sin is to God we begin to see what a high price Jesus paid by shedding his blood for us!
Coming from Leviticus 4.